Foto: Neues Album „Memories“ erscheint am 20. März 2015

Rückkehr ins Dreamweb

Unser Gebettel bezüglich eines neuen wurde anscheinend erhört: am 20. März 2015 erscheint endlich das neue Album namens „Memories“! Oh Freude! Die Geschichte um Black, das Dreamweb, die Agency und allem weiteren, was sich Stefan Poiss und Markus Hadwiger ausgedacht haben, um ihre Musik in ein Science-Fiction-Gewand zu verpacken, bekommt also endlich eine Fortsetzung. Teaser gefällig? Bitte:

„Attempt number two-hundred-eight“, White hears the voice of the mechanic say.
The cameras are recording. The contraption is humming along. The machine automatically inserts the tubes into the arteries of the man. The needles are piercing his skin, entering deep into his flesh. His eyes contort. Within the blink of an eye the icy cold blue liquid floods his body like an arctic shock. Cold vapor is billowing out of his mouth. His pupils are changing.
This horrific gaze!
White will never get used to it.
The mechanic is regulating the flux with the synchronizer. White thought that all of this should have been much easier. That night, when Black escaped, the Agency guys had caught the frequency with the detector. They had analyzed the sequence for days, but it was useless.
What good was a frequency that opens a door to the Dreamweb, if you didn’t know how to synchronize with it?

Und so wird das Coverartwork aussehen:

Foto: Dependent Records

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